10 Mistakes Every New Parent Makes

We've all heard the expression "learning from our mistakes," and a truer thing could not be said, however, no one wants to make mistakes when it comes to parenting, even if they do learn from them. There are mistakes every new parent makes, and at SOOJIN we think you’re better off learning which ones to avoid. 

In order to help you out a bit on your rocky journey as new parents, we put together a list of some of the most common mistakes every new parent makes. On that note, here are some of the mistakes every new parent makes that you’re not going to:.

1. Believing Everything You Read

These days, when it comes to parenting, believing everything you read is impossible. There are so many articles offering contradictory advice that it’s hard to tell right from wrong. The best advice: don’t play it by the book, play it by ear. Every child is different and what works for one may not work for the other. Don’t believe the hype and focus on being the most nurturing mom you can.

2. Not Sleeping When the Baby Sleeps

Parents may have a hard time taking their eyes off their babies, but they do need to get some Zzz’s once in a while. Not sleeping when the baby sleep is one of the biggest mistakes every new parent makes. When your baby is down for the count, you should be too. If he or she wakes up needing something, they’ll probably make sure you wake up too.

3. Going Over the Top on Baby Clothes

We all want our babies to have the best of everything, but when it comes to clothes, sometimes the designer choices are not the most practical ones. Little clothes are adorable, but they’re also little, which means they’re not going to fit for a very long time, and for a baby that hangs out in onesie’s all day, they’re likely to spend a lot more time hanging in the closet than on your baby.

With the way babies grow, you may find them jumping sizes before you get the chance to cut all the tags off.

If you can't resist the mini-me clothes, try looking in thrift stores. That's where most of the clothes with the tags still on end up.

4. Not Spending Time with Your Spouse

New parents spend a lot of time showering their affection on their new babies, but for new babies, the ultimate display of affection is the one that they see from their parents. When parents bond, it produces a sense of security in the child and helps them to register positive emotions.

Not only that but spending time with your spouse is essential to keep the romance alive. Don’t make the infant the biggest challenge to your marriage. Set aside one night a week as a date night to keep the fire burning.

5. Comparing Your Baby to Other Babies

Taking his first steps, speaking his first words, feeding himself for the first time. As a parent watching your baby do things for the first time is one of the most joyful experiences your likely to witness. Why ruin it by comparing it to another baby?

Babies develop at their own paces. Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was three. Give your baby the time it needs. Maybe he’s just slow because he’s busy trying to compute complex equations.

6. Not Splitting the Responsibilities


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and that means each parent has to bear equal parts of the load.

Don’t assume that just because men are men, they didn’t come with the genes for folding a diaper. You’d be surprised how quickly man learn when the situation calls for it.

Hey, he had the baby with you, he can care for the baby with you. Also, when he’s doing his part, try not to hover or criticize. Let him make his mistakes. The biggest mistake is not splitting the responsibilities.

7. Assuming the Worst

Expecting the worst and hoping for the best is the general protocol, but assuming the worst is never good, especially when it comes to your baby. Babies can have illnesses, but even healthy children commonly exhibit symptoms like blotchy skin and diarrhea that can cause anxiety-like symptoms in parents.

A word from the wise: keep the drama to a minimum. There will be plenty more things to worry about later.

8. Not Letting Your Baby Cry It Out


When new parents hear their babies cry, they feel like the worst parents even if they don't respond, but that's what babies do, they cry, and sometimes you just have to leave them to it.

Babies cry when their irritated or uncomfortable, but they can cry just as easily if their perfectly diapered and well fed, for a lot of babies, crying is just a way of communicating.

9. Overestimating Your Free Time


When you have a new baby, your time is not free. Just because you may not be heading to the office at the moment, you're nowhere near on vacation. In fact, it's more like you’re starting a new job, but in this case, the boss is about 8 inches tall and spends a lot of time in a crib. 

One mistake parent’s make is thinking they can actually make plans. The only thing that's predictable about raising a baby is that it's totally unpredictable. Try to set one realistic goal for a day, that way, you'll feel pleased that you were able to cross something off the to-do list.

10. Not Taking Time for Yourself

Even though your time is not free, it is still important to put yourself first once in a while. Take some time out for an occasional cup of coffee, or an opportunity to do some reading or listening to music.

There are mistakes every new parent makes but neglecting yourself should not be one of them.






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