7 Self-Care Techniques for Busy Parents

If the last good book you remember reading is “Good Night Moon.” welcome to the club. You’re one of the many parents who has forgotten how important it is to care for yourself.  According to one study, the average mom only has 17 minutes to herself each day. That’s not even enough time to watch an episode of “Blackish.” No wonder you’re out of sorts.

The real headline here is that when you neglect yourself, you’re not the only one who suffers the consequences. Studies show that parents who don’t get adequate time to care for themselves on a regular basis have less patience and energy for their kids. (What???)

The problem for many parents it that they've been down so low, they don't know which way is up.  Never fear, we’ve got just the thing (s). Here are some tips for parents who need to get their grooves back ASAP.:   

1. Share the Load

Parents, its time for you to pass the baton. Get someone to do some of the work. Sure, you know what’s best for your kids, but that doesn’t mean no one else does. Its ok to hand off responsibilities once in while, even if it means checking in on the kids to the point of neuroticism at first.

2. Drink Coffee or Tea

Taking time to drink your morning coffee or tea may seem like a small step when it comes to self-care, but, then again, taking small steps is how your child learned to walk. Coffee and tea breaks can be energizing and relaxing and they can make a world of difference in your outlook.

For an added boost of confidence take your coffee in a mug with a self-affirming message, like “You Got This” or “Good Morning Beautiful.” We’re currently taking our morning brew in high style with the SOOJIN Boss Lady Mug. Its made with authentic bone china and real gold bling trim. (14K, no less). Ooh, la, la. After we know who's boss, we feel much more in control.

3. Take A Bath

Throw those rubber duckies on the bathroom floor ( or at least place them there gently) Its time for mama. We're not talking a quick soak, we're talking all-out therapy, complete with bubbles, bath bombs and what have you.

If practicing self-care seems alien to you, a hot bath is something you'll get used to real quick. Dump in some bath salt for some added mood enhancement. It's good for your physical and mental well-being. Products like the SOOJIN Relax Bath Salt even contains bath salts that support deep breathing and pore cleansing. Just the sound of that is relaxing. Check it out here.

4. Put On Music

Whenever characters get their mojos back in movies, they put on some uplifting music. Why not do the same? Think Cameron Diaz, et. al. in “Charlies Angels,” or Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” for inspo. Who knows? It might end up going viral on social media.  

5. Talk to Someone

Whether it's a professional, your mom, or just a childhood friend, sharing your feelings is crucial to self-care. Take some time to vent your emotions to a sympathetic ear. Saying things out loud can help to clarify your feelings and put them into perspective. You'll be amazed at what a relief it is to get things off your chest.


6. Have Fun With the Kids

It’s no secret that kids make messes when they play, and sometimes just the sound of a bouncing ball can set your nerves on edge, but hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Greater supervision not only means greater damage control, but it also gives mom and dad a chance to show off their moves. 

Bonus Tip: If indoor activity is more your speed, keep Connect Four on hand. Its very low maintenance and super easy to play so you don’t even have to read the rules!

7. Take Up a Hobby

Cooking, sewing, even line dancing, hobbies are always good ways to reinvent yourself. They remind you that you’re good at something, help you channel your creativity, and expand your horizons. (especially helpful when your horizons don’t expand far beyond a diaper changing table).  Remember, if you’re a parent, self care is child care. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for them.

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