Best Baby Bath Towels and Robes

Let's face it, sometimes your baby is cutest when they’re at their most vulnerable. Like when they’re coming out of the bath wet and trembling and they’re just waiting for Mommy or Daddy to cuddle them in something warm and soft. You want to wrap them in the most comfortable, cushiony, best baby bath towels and best baby bathrobes there are.

When buying the best baby bath towels for your little one, you need to separate the adults from the children. An adult towel is going to wrap around your baby too many times, and, since babies have the tendency to poop on their towels, you probably don’t want them sharing yours. The ideal size for a baby towel is something that will last beyond the newborn stage, (bigger than 30 inches), and stay soft after washes.

If buying bath towels for your baby seems like a whole new territory to you, never fear. We’re here to help. Here are some of the points you should consider when seeking out the best baby towels and bathrobes.

  1. Fabric: Babies have very sensitive skin, and towels and bathrobes rub right up against it, so the fabric is very important. While cotton is usually a good choice for towels, if your baby’s skin is especially delicate, you may want to choose organic fabrics or exotic fabrics with materials like bamboo or muslin. Terry cloth and velour both make comfy choices for a bathrobe.

  2. Wear and Tear in the Washer: Even if your bath accessories last a long time, they’re no good if they’re not keeping your baby in the utmost of comfort. Repeated washing can make the material pill, causing roughness that can irritate your baby’s skin. Cotton is known to pill, especially when it has short fibers. Fabrics that are tightly knit pill more than loosely knit materials. Look for tight-knit materials to make sure your baby is getting dryness worthy of their highness.

  3. How Quickly It Absorbs Water: When your baby comes out of the bath, you’re in a race against time to put their diaper on. The longer they’re out of the bath, the greater your chances are of getting pooped on, so you need that skin to be diaper-ready asap. When choosing towels, look for materials that absorb water quickly, so you can beat the poop to the punch and avoid unwanted accidents.

  4. Hoods: Is your baby in the hood?  Hoods aren’t necessary on towels, but they do keep baby’s head warm, and look oh so cute. Plus, the more time the towel spends on the baby's head, the less time it spends on the floor so your baby can be fashionable and functional.

  5. Personalization: Even before the movie, “Grease” came out, personalized clothing has been raising the hip factor of clothing and accessories exponentially. There is no bowling shirt, mechanic’s shirt, preppy sweater, or bomber that doesn’t look cooler with an initial or name over the heart, and whoever got the idea to personalize baby wear deserves to have his name on a star.

    Personalized baby bathrobes and bath towels will give your baby a look of importance after he or she leaves the bath, and a look of importance is something no baby should be without. Consider adding the personal touch to your baby's bathrobe and bath towel and make him look and feel important.


The Best Baby Towels and Robes 2018

At SOOJIN, we’ve been bathing our little ones for years, and we’ve learned a thing or two about the best towels and robes. Let’s see how our bath accessories stack up a when it comes to the best baby towels and robes 2018.

soojin best baby robes and towels

Panda Robe

If you’ve cottoned on to cotton but are not sure about its ability to resist wear, SOOJIN brings you micro cotton in their Panda Robe. Micro-cotton is a very high grade of natural cotton that makes for a thick, luxurious robe that absorbs water instantly, so that your baby goes from the warmth of the water to the warmth of the robe without feeling the temperature change. It can also be machine washed at thirty degrees Celsius to maintain softness for as long as your baby wears it and can be personalized to

We guarantee your baby will look so cute in its Panda Robe, you won't be able to bear not to buy it.

soojin best towels and robes for baby

Robot Robe

Is your baby a bot or not? They will be in this SOOJIN robot robe. The high-tech robot robe has all the modern comforts a baby needs to stay snug after bath time. It’s made with the softest Egyptian cotton and lined with the coziest of terry cloth so your baby will find it hard not to bot.

soojin best towels and robes for babies

Hooded Kimono

For SOOJIN’s littlest bathers, the hooded kimono puts the wrap on bath time by swaddling baby in 100% fair-trade Egyptian cotton. You’ll love our tiny hooded kimono with sage green lining and side snaps. GOTS certified, free of BPA, flame retardants, formaldehyde, Azo colorants, PVC and lead, the hooded kimono is a must have for your bathing beauty.

soojin best baby towels and robes

Hooded Baby Towel

At SOOJIN, all our babies are in the hood. We love the hooded look on babies, and we don’t think you’ll be able to resist SOOJIN’s hooded baby towels.

Not only are they made from the magic micro-cotton, but they're also generously sized at 75 X 75 cm to last your baby's first nine months and if you like what you see, and we're sure you will, you can graduate to our toddler towel. It dries in half the time and absorbs 250 times as much water as regular cotton. Pick from soft grey, pastel blush, and grey and white. They’re easy to care for and they’ll help make your little one easy to care for as well.


At SOOJIN, we know that there are precious moments in your baby’s life that happen every day and we want to be there for all of them. Our bath towels and bathrobes are our way of being there for you and your baby to help you keep it warm and comfy after its bath. SOOJIN makes the best baby towels and best baby bathrobes because we want you to make us a part of every moment of your baby's life and help to make sure they are as precious as can be.

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