Best Newborn Baby Gifts

There’s nothing like a newborn baby to bring out the child in all of us. As soon as we hear there’s a bun in the oven, we’re already picking out wardrobe and room décor. That’s all well and good for gifters, but it may not do the parents much good when they end up with so many stuffed animals there’s no room in the crib for the baby. If you want to get something the parents really need, here are the ten best newborn baby gifts, 2018. Stealing permitted.

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Silicone Baby Teether

When a baby starts teething, everything is a teether. Babies will go for rings, necklaces, shirt strings - anything to soothe their inflamed gums. No one wants to see a baby in pain, but no one wants to see their pearls turned into chew toys.

As soon as baby gets his gums into the silicone baby teether, he won’t give a second thought to mommy’s jewelry. Not only will baby love its irresistibly toy-like shape, he’ll love the feel of the soft hygienic silicone to calm his teething pains. This is one of the best gifts for newborns and for moms. One of our favorites include this stylish silicon teething necklace, which is a statement piece for mom and a gift to baby as they battle their teeth growth.

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Baby Bandana Bibs

Drooling is a rite of passage for babies. We love them for their gurgly, toothless smiles, but we don’t necessarily like the cleanup or the drool rashes.

Baby bandana bibs are just the thing for every little cowboy or cowgirl. You can buy these neckerchiefs in all different colors and patterns to match any outfit. They’re made of organic cotton and they’re absorbent enough to keep clothes and baby dry. Plus, they're adjustable so they can grow with baby into toddlerhood.

Belly Mask

Here’s one for the moms. After her accomplishment, she’s bound to feel a little rough. Why not treat her to a little relief? Belly masks are masks which fit over pregnant bellies and contain soothing ingredients like aloe vera to soften, and propolis to decrease the appearance of stretch marks. She’ll thank you for it now, and she’ll thank you for it the next time she puts on her bikini.

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Sensory Development Ball

For newborns, playing is learning. Everything they touch, everything they hear, and every new sound is a new experience, and it’s up to parents to keep them on the ball. One of the best balls to keep them on is a Sensory Development Ball.

Not only does this ball provide hours of delight for baby, it also provides hours of delight for parents. Parents will love to watch their babies’ reactions of laughter and surprise as they navigate their ways around the patterns and textures on this organic clutch, developing their senses and muscular coordination. The parents will love you for giving them one of the best gifts for a newborn baby - an all-around winner in every sense of the word. 

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Swaddle Blankets

Nowadays, swaddling a newborn is part of the initiation into motherhood. A mother knows she has arrived when she has successfully made her baby into the perfect burrito, which is why every mom has swaddle blanket on her gift registry.

When you give a swaddle blanket, safety is important. Look for something made with cotton, muslin, or microfleece to keep baby’s sensitive skin irritation free. With the amount of usage mom’s will get from the swaddle blanket, it's certain that mom will rate it one of the best newborn baby gifts in her haul.

Diaper Cakes

Everyone loves the person who brings the cake, why not be the person who brings the diaper cake?

Diaper cakes are essentially rolled diapers banded together in the shape of a multi-tiered cake, done up with gauze and decorated with all the bells, bows and whistles and essentials for the first few weeks, not to mention the diapers.

They’re available in a number of themes and sizes from cookie monsters to ballerinas, and 2, 3, 4 or 5 tier sizes. Fun and functional, this gift definitely takes the cake.

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Multi-Use Incognito Nursing Cover

Always running for cover when the baby wants to nurse? With the incognito nursing cover, you’re running days are over. The multi-use cover-all nursing scarf brings the cover to you.

What at first looks like a wraparound scarf or capelet becomes a fashionable off-the-shoulder body cover to keep you and your baby’s privacy and sense of style intact. It has enough room to nestle baby and mother comfortably for 360 degrees all around coverage, and can also function as a car seat cover, scarf and shopping cart cover. With the multi-use cover, you've got it - well - covered.

White Noise Sound Machine

How often have you turned on your fan in the middle of winter just to hear that relaxing hum of white noise?

Babies are used to the comforting rhythms of their mom's heartbeats in the womb. They're not ready for the amped-up sounds of the millennium. Little one needs some soothing vibes to keep them calm at night. White noise is a lullaby to any infants’ ears. A white noise sound machine keeps babies dreams sweet and help to give mom and dad some much-needed downtime.

Solid Wood Milestone Age Blocks

One of the first things a newborn learns to do is smile, the second thing they learn to do is pose for a picture. It’s not unusual to get a lot of shared photos on Instagram from parents of newborns, and Solid Wood Milestone Age Blocks is just the gift for adding those photos a little extra pizzazz.

These attractive blocks are the perfect way to keep your family and friends updated on the growth of your little human. Each set comes with two square boxes labeled with numbers and one rectangle block labeled with the words weeks/ months/grades and years on them so they can be used anywhere from 3 weeks to grade 3. A fun and thoughtful gift for baby and parent. Etsy is a great place to start in your search of milestone age blocks!

On-the-Go Changing Station

Sometimes parents end up changing babies so much, they feel like an on-the-go changing station themselves. Changing babies is a necessary evil, but there are ways to make it a bit less of one.  

The on-the-go changing station turns moms and dads into diaper changing pros. These days on-the-go changing stations come with everything from pockets for phones to translucent wipe cases and mesh pockets for diapers and lotions. You’ll have mom going from hot mess to cool and collected in no time. At about the size of a clutch pocketbook, you can't leave an on-the-go changing station off your list of best gifts for newborns.

So now that you’ve picked your gift, it’s time to focus on the greatest gift of all, the baby. May your gift bring joy to the family, and may it be the best newborn baby gift ever.

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