How Much Clothing Should I Buy for My Newborn?

Do you have so many clothes that there aren’t enough days on the calendar to wear them all? At SOOJIN, we know the feeling. You can’t just leave that insanely reduced sequined Free People mini skirt in the store, but you already have one in your closet with the price tags still on it.

It’s the same for newborn baby clothes. They’re so adorable you want your newborn to wear them all, but by the time they gets to wear them, they may not still be newborn enough to fit in them.

This leaves so many parents asking the question, “How many newborn baby clothes should I buy?” What is the ideal number of clothes to buy your infant so that you're not doing the wash every other day but so that they will not remain in the box until he has outgrown them? Of course, that can’t be answered in an exact number, but there are some guidelines SOOJIN can give you to make sure that your newborn wardrobe doesn’t end up sitting in a drawer.

Keep it basic.

You know what the basics are for you; the LBD, the pair of jeans that go with everything, the white tank, the pair of pumps, but what are the basics for your newborn? Here are some of the things that might help you answer the question of, “How many newborn clothes should I buy?”

1. Two to four infant gowns

Put your baby in infant gowns as often as you can, while you can, it’s the last time you’re going to have such easy access to their diaper for a while. Two to four should do, it also depends on how often you like to do laundry. Look for ones with “handcuffs” that can be folded over to prevent baby from scratching its face.

soojin baby kimono wrap onesie

2. Four to eight onesies or body suits

When you’re shopping for onesies, the most important things to look for are wide head openings and loose legs. It’s going to be a nightmare for you and your baby if their head gets stuck in the neck hole! Even wide head openings can be a problem, which is why your best off with kimono style onesies or onesies with snaps.

The Organic Kimono from SOOJIN is our solution to making headway when dressing your child.  Not only are there no head opening issues here, but the organic kimono also has no tags, no seams, and nothing to irritate your baby's sensitive skin. Made with fair trade 100% Egyptian organic cotton, the organic onesie is one of the most comfortable and safe onesies you can buy, and did we mention adorable?

3. Four to eight undershirts or vests

If you have a winter baby, undershirts and vests are definitely in order. Again, look for the ones with wide head openings and shoulder snaps. BTW: Make sure they snap under the crotch, to prevent ride up.

soojin baby romper

4. One to three rompers or dress up outfits

Looking for something for your baby to wear for her first public appearance?

People are going wild over our SOOJIN Wildflower romper, and we think you will too. It’s got our signature “coconut” inserts and easy snap fasteners and the 100% organic cotton material is guaranteed to look effortlessly chic and oh so stylish.   

5. Four to eight one-piece pajamas

At SOOJIN, we know your baby is already the cat’s pajamas, but that doesn’t mean they won’t need some pajamas of their own! For newborns, onesies are the best bet; they’re the easiest to put on and take off. Look for all organic materials to make sure your baby is cradled in comfort.

soojin knitted baby booties

6. Four to seven socks or booties

Chances are, it’s going to be a while before your newborn does any real fancy footwork, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need their feet to be protected.

The SOOJIN baby booties are ideal because their rib-knit cuffs keep the booties on the baby's feet without being too tight and uncomfortable. They're soft as butter combed cotton fabric is going to make baby feel like they’re crawling on air.

Available in pink, blue, and green, we're willing to bet that you're going to want to get all three of these to start off your collection of newborn baby clothes.

7. One to three sweaters or jackets

When your bundling up your little bundle, sweaters and jackets are in order. The rule of thumb when it comes to dressing a baby for the cold weather is, “if you need two layers, baby needs three,” which means that if you’re going out in a winter jacket, your baby needs a sweater and a coat. Include one to three sweaters and jackets in your new baby’s wardrobe and look for something that buttons up the front - babies spend a lot of time lying down!

soojin cutest baby hats 

8. Four to Six Hats

A baby’s head is its most sensitive areas and also a big source of heat loss. SOOJIN has your baby’s head covered. If your baby is all ears, we've got a few more for him. The crochet bear toque not only will add bear ears to your baby's head, but it will also add the extra security of tight-knit cotton to protect their most sensitive area. The SOOJIN skullcap is a basic essential soft rib knit hat that covers baby’s ears and adjusts to their head’s circumference as it grows. It’s made of 100% fair trade Egyptian cotton, is GOTS certified and free of colorants, fragrance and formaldehyde, and that should get you and your baby headed in the right direction.

soojin baby sleeping bag

9. Two Blanket Sleepers

Blanket sleepers are a one-piece toasty pajama and a great way of streamlining the number of extra blankets and objects near the baby at bedtime. The best blanket sleepers open wide at the bottom and allow for a stealthy diaper change at night.

For all you shopaholic moms, SOOJIN knows the struggle is real. After all, we're just a bunch of shopaholic moms ourselves, otherwise, we wouldn't be so infatuated with baby clothes. We just want to know that the next time you find yourself asking, "how many newborn clothes should I buy?" you can always come to us for answers.

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