Mom-Approved Baby Shower Gifts

We all know that stamps of approval are important. When a trusted source puts a  stamp of approval on a product, we know we can rely on the product to measure up to certain standards. But when a mom puts her stamp of approval on something, we can rest assured it’s going to be top quality through and through.

When it comes to gifts for baby showers, moms are the ultimate authorities. Who better than the person receiving the gift to make the final judgment?  According to moms, gift sets get the stamp of approval for baby shower gifts big time. Here are a some of the most beloved SOOJIN gift sets that got thumbs up from the highest officials - our mommy ambassadors!

Grasping baby toy set

Grasping Toy Set

Mom’s say one of the cutest things about newborns, hands down is the way they make their hands into little fists to grasp on to just about everything in sight. That’s why Moms are loving the SOOJIN Grasping Toy Set.

The Grasping Toy Set is inspired by Maria Montessori's belief in early learning tools as essential to the developing mind. The easy-to-grasp rattle delights babies while helping with soundtracking and recognition. The grasping beads provide the baby with interesting textures to advance grasping skills and enhance the sense of touch. The interlocking discs keep the baby's brain occupied while working on those fine motor skills that are so crucial to a baby’s development.

And all of this comes in a 100% organic drawstring cotton bag, that makes it a beautiful gift worthy of any baby shower. Mom’s and babies are giving the Grasping Toy Set the green light.

best beauty gifts for mom

Travel Canvas Bags for Mom

Not only are Moms giving the SOOJIN Travel Canvas Bags for Mom they're stamped of approval, but their also giving it their stamps of "adorable." This trifecta of pink canvas bags is hand embroidered with cartoon-like graphics that would make "Nancy" turn green with envy.

These three bags include phone chargers, lingerie, and a hairdryer to make sure Mom has all the basic essentials for traveling. After all, what more do moms need than phones, good hair, and good underwear? These bags make the ideal shower gifts for moms and they get our stamp of approval.

Welcome Home Animal Friends

Moms are giving a warm welcome to the Welcome Home Animal Friends Gift Set, and we can certainly see why. This gift set has everything a mom needs to keep her new arrival warm and comfy.

Every new baby loves to be swaddled, and the lightweight, breathable cotton swaddle blanket in the Welcome Home gift sets is one the cutest and safest ways to do it. The animal print makes it kid friendly and the material makes it environmentally friendly, so the baby feels comfortable and mom feels comfortable wrapping it against the baby’s soft skin.

The soft-soled moccasins allow babies to stretch their toes for healthy foot development and moms agree, their light weight makes them a step in the right direction for all new walkers.

Plus, moms ain’t “lyin'" when they say that the lion teether is a lifesaver for babies with tooth issues that moms can't seem to work out. This lion teether bravely steps in with its stuffed organic cotton hands and feet, grey stuffed mane and embroidered face to fight against the pain of a toothache “tooth and nail.”

And when we say the  “Three Bears Knot Just A Hat Set” is not a just a hat set, It may be an understatement. With this pajama set made of 100% GOTS certified Egyptian cotton, the hat is only the cherry on top! Moms say the “Welcome Home Animal Set” is too cute to bear!

Baby Love Essentials Box

The SOOJIN Baby Love Box spells out your sweet sentiments loud and clear: “Love You Forever & Ever!” Equipped with premium, mom-approved baby essentials, The Baby Love Essentials Box is filled with baby shower gifts all moms will adore (and more importantly, actually use).

Rest assured, all of the SOOJIN gift boxes are beautifully designed and curated, so you don't have to worry about any wrapping paper or ribbon mishaps on your end. And although you may not see it, all of our newborn gift boxes have the Mom's Stamp of Approval. It's sure to get a great response when you give it as a baby shower gift!

To shop all the SOOJIN gift boxes that make for the BEST baby shower gifts, click here! What's the most creative baby shower gift you've given or received? We want to know! Leave your ideas in the comments below. 


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