Sleep Essentials for Baby

Are you looking for the best gift set for parents who need their baby to get to sleep? If your baby could talk, what would he or she say? I’m a little warm under these covers? The air in here is a bit dry? Can you please speak a little more quietly? Unfortunately, babies can’t talk they cry, and when babies cry, it’s enough to make parents cry. 

Although crying babies are inevitable, we don’t think crying parents should be. With the right sleeping accessories, we think we can keep both to a minimum.


When you google the word “mobiles’ these days, a lot of information on cellular phones is going to pop up. Soon enough, your child will be asking for mobile phones, but right now the most important mobile he needs is the one that hangs over his crib.  

Long before a baby is able to talk, he will begin to recognize the shapes and colors from his mobile. We offer a mobile selection that encompasses both earth and sky. Our Cloud Spiral Mobile is a sky scene with wispy clouds flying over planes piloted by friendly bears.


Swaddle Blankets 

If you’re a parent you’ve seen it. The startle reflexYou go to set your sleeping baby down to sleep when suddenly it sets in. It’s that automatic reflex to loud noise or the sensation of falling that sends babies from zero to 100 in no time flat. What can we do to stop this jarring phenomenon from robbing our babies of precious sleep?   

The answer is the swaddle blanket. Swaddle blankets are blankets that wrap the baby securely to recreate the feeling of safety it had in the womb stops the startle reflex in its tracks. In order to swaddle your baby safely, a good swaddle blanket is in order. 

With its generous size and organic fabric, the Muslin Star Swaddle makes moms, babies and the planet happy. It's made in India using sustainable practices and is versatile enough to be used as a car seat or stroller cover, or even for tummy time. With its night sky print, the Muslin Star Swaddle is sure to be the star of every newborn baby gift set. 


Baby Sleeping Bags 

As babies grow, they have a way of unswaddling their swaddles. Their legs kick, their arms move, and all the hard work you’ve done becomes undone. Not every parent wants to put their swaddling skills to the test in the middle of the night. 

That’s when you might want to graduate to the swaddle bag. Part overalls, part sleeping bag, swaddle bags are the safest way to put you baby to sleep in comfort.  

The fitted neck on the Summer Sleeping Bag ensure that there’s no danger of the material slipping while your baby is a sleep and the armholes give him freedom to move. The thermoregulated breathable and organic cotton will keeps your baby comfortable temperature all night and you can rest assured knowing your baby is safe and snug.  


With all this talk of swaddling, and baby sleeping bags, the traditional blanket may seem to have taken second fiddle, but eventually, your child's swaddling days will be over, and you're going to want to look for on something a bit roomier.  

When you’re choosing a baby blanket, fabric is of utmost importance. A good blanket needs to be safe, warm and made of breathable materials that will not irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. Made in India from 100% organic cotton and cotton fill, the Inverse Seaweed Quilted Baby Blanket fits is beautifully designed to provide the perfect cover for your little creature. 


No baby is set without a good set of pajamas. They lay the foundation to make sure every baby is clad in comfort and ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Remember the poem “My Bed Is A Boat” by Robert Louis Stevenson?” With the Palm Pajama Set in Captain’s Blue, you’re little one is at the helm. With top and elastic waist pants included, the Palm Pajama set is made from a 100% interlocking cotton knit for extra stretch and comfort.  


The last thing you want to do before sending your child off to the Land of Nod is making sure he has some trusty friends to accompany him.  Why not send him off with the SOOJIN RagTag Bunny?  

This Bunny Blanket friend teether toy in one is made out of 100% organic cotton, safe for little mouths to chew on. Its soft to the touch and made without the use of pesticides or chemicals to make it not only baby's best friend but a friend of the earth as well. 

Looking for more must haves to give parents who need their babies to get to sleep? Search for more of our gifts on our site for the best newborn baby gift sets. 

Curated Essential Sets for Sleep

Story Time Essentials Set: Each day in a baby's life is punctuated by cherished moments of growth, learning and development. With all the activities and adventures detailing each day, take a moment of pause and relaxation with this timeless ritual that is welcomed by mom and baby both. The SOOJIN Story Time Essential Box is curated to enhance the simple pleasure that is story time - uniting mom and baby in comfort, warmth, and togetherness.

Hibernation Essential Box: Have baby snuggle into the Winter Forest Sleeping Bag for a warm, comfortable and undisturbed nap. Have mom relax too with the Eyelash Eye mask to block out any light during the day. Mom deserves that power nap too! Turn your room into a warm winter sanctuary with the Winter White candle. 

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