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Baby Arrival Kit - Organic - Just Hatched

Your little one deserves the best natural care from day one by using truly organic and 100% natural baby care products. This way your bundle of joy is less likely to have an allergic reaction because of the plant based ingredients that are used!


This kit is completely packed for day one with the skin loving essentials to cleanse, calm, nourish and protect your newborn's delicate skin and to build immunity naturally, it's is a must have for every baby.

Mambino Organic products have 100% natural ingredients and are proudly free of all chemicals and toxins, Phthalates and are gluten free,  only food grade, hypoallergenic and pediatrician approved.

  • Little bottoms diaper balm keeps baby dry and comfortable by creating a moisture repellent barrier.
  • Little bottoms diaper area wash cleans, moisturizes, refreshes baby's skin.
  • Tippy toes calming baby oil soothes fussy babies along with cradle cap and eczema.
  • Mild baby wash & shampoo cleanses and allows the skin to build immunity, naturally.
  • Organic cotton/hemp wipe can be used as: wash cloth; burp cloth; instant bib; and more.

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