“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” - Aristotle

SOOJIN is a living, breathing body. It grows, responds, and adapts as we endlessly seek to achieve unequivocal excellence. At SOOJIN, we have attained a distinctive and ever-developing DNA - our fundamental and distinctive qualities - an internal genetic code that defines who we are. Our mission.  To curate the best ethical, beautifully crafted products and provide fanatical service not only to our customers, but to our suppliers and the colleagues we collaborate with. Our motto.  Curated with Care. Always unique. Always amazing.

SOOJIN delivers thoughtfully selected and carefully curated products. We offer subscription boxes, gifts, and products that are filled to the brim with valuable insights from product designers, trendsetters, and expert moms.

Soo-Jin Behrstock - founder and fearless leader - faced a lengthy journey to build and launch SOOJIN. The process was punctuated with both highly rewarding moments, and also moments of setbacks and frustration. In on-boarding innovative, savvy professionals, Soo-Jin brought SOOJIN to fruition. Premiering the collective efforts of our team has been extremely fulfilling, and with passionate minds meeting, our outlook for maintaining excellence is certain.

Soo-Jin Behrstock is a business leader and working mom with discriminating taste, a sense of style, and a simple need to dress her kids the way she wants without having to spend a lot of time shopping and searching.

Soo-Jin knows her strengths and her weaknesses, and with this awareness she chooses to surround herself with people who compliment them. 

Soo-Jin believes:

  • in the people who share the mission of the company
  • in continuously fine-tuning process(es) to deliver SOOJIN’s mission effectively 
  • in creating a fun work culture where people are empowered to perform their best work

That’s our DNA. People, process and culture to build and shape SOOJIN.                                          

Our team