Our Founder

Our founder, Soo-Jin Behrstock, definitely has a passion for her family and cooking, but she has always had a passion for building companies from the ground up and figuring out exactly what it takes to make them the best in the marketplace. She is never satisfied with status quo.

Soo-Jin’s career experience includes managing technology consulting firms and serving as the Chief Information Officer for a premium denim manufacturer. 

Soo-Jin balances her time among the many hats she wears; Wife, mother of two, CIO and CEO. At night and on the weekends, she focuses her energy on establishing SOOJIN as the top gifting company in the E-Commerce marketplace. Even with the many responsibilities she has on her plate, she always makes a point to find time for pursuing her hobbies, exercising and relaxing so that she is able to recharge and continue giving each aspect of her life her all. 

One of Soo-Jin’s true passions is cooking. She has a natural talent for it and embraces every chance she gets to make home cooked meals for her family and friends. If you love food as much as Soo-Jin does, check out her food pics on IG @sjbehrstock.